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a piece blue welsh Cotton, 1 piece white Ozenbrigs
1 piece brown Ozenbrigs a piece blue & white Haning
6 ^ mens best prush Jock'y Caps
6 Mens best felt Hatts
a sett of shoe brushes & buckle brushes

Robert Carter's compliments to Messrs
Edward Hunt & Son disireing them to purchace
& put on board some Vessel sailing for James
or york rivers, the following articles of
Goods & to charge the same to him, remem
bering to have the Goods insur'd

NB, The invoice of Goods follows the
Letter, as sent the the Gentlemen

25 August

NB. The silk in a box direct'd No
1. for Messrs: Edward Hunt & Son to be died
as by directions pinn'd to the same, the box
aslo contains a measures for the Stay's, Night
Gown & Gloves for Mrs Carter.

Williamsburg the 25th March 1765.

To Mrs Robert Cornthwaite Taylor in London
King Street St. James


The Cloths you sent my Neigh