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Williamsburg 28th June 1765.

& I apply'd to him for the balance, you have em
power'd me to receive (as I had done many
times before) but he one again refusd required
longer time : I inform'd him that I was instruct'd
to bring Suit, unless the money should be paid
shortly, but this threat did not avail
me, & a judgment shall be obtained, in as
short a time, as is ususal in the General Court
for the balance of the Bond, & the open account

Colonel William Byrd gave his bills, the 11th day
of this Month for 217£ & 9d Sterling, which are made
payable to you & addressed to Robert Cary & Company
in London : Those Bills are to discharce the
Interest, on William Byrdd Bond, from June 1764 to June
1765, & wthatever you direct, with regard to them,
I will do : His Bills, you paid me are return'd
protested, which failure has been a disapoint^ment.

At the time I desired, Mr Willia Lux of
Baltimore town to pay you 50£ I expect'd to
have pass'd, part of this Summer in Maryland,
but I have since dedermined, to lose that
pleasure, sooner than trouble you & Mrs Tasker
with myself, & some of my Children, who pro
bably might have caught the Small-pox: