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Fannie is to be confined to the Chamber in the
Month of October next: so that you will not see us
this year.

I owe Mr Amos Strettell Merchant in
Philadelphia 24£18s & 10d Pensylvania Currency
& if you can conveniently pay that Debt, reserve
some of my Dollors, to satisfy the same, & be
pleas'd to buy a Bill of Exchange with the ballance
but if Mr Strettells claim should be the least
troublesome to negotiate, buy a bill with the
whole money; & in either Case, inclose the bills
to Messrs: Edward Hunt & Son Merchant in
London, to be placed to my Credit.

Mr Joh Wormeley present a charge of
10£ 10s Virginia Currency, for boarding Governor Sharps
his Groom & finding Pasture & Provender
for his bay Mare, 9 Weeks, & 3 daies, & as every
Gentleman that kept their Servants & mares
at his house house that Season, were charg'd
in the same proportion namely 22s/ per Week
I have paid the account. Virginia Bill of Credit
are 62½ per cent worse than Sterling : so that I
hope Governor Sharpe will pay the Bills of
Excsange of 6£ 9s & 3 Sterling which be pleased to
inclose to Edward Hunt & Son I am Dear Sr Your &c
Robert Carter