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Williasburg 11 th November 1765.

To Messrs. Edward Hunt & Son in London


The Leed's Captain Anderson ar
rived here the 28th: day of last Month: And your
Letters & Trunk of wearing Apparel for me
which were forwarded by the said ship I have received
you say in a Letter ^ tis now before me that my former
Letters to you were not explicit enough concern
ing my Adventure in the next ensuing state Lottery
therefore I will add here a sentence or Two on
that matter: If my Tickets namely No 10m704 &
10m705 shall entitle me to 5000£ stock or any
greater sum of money; I would have the entery
then, to be made in the Office of Books in my
Name: But whatever Stock I shall be entitled
to receive, so that it doth not amount to 5000£
then in that case I desire it may be sold & the pro
ceeds carried to my Credit in your Books

I have inclosed herein L. Burwells
Bill for 82£ sterling which is addressed to J
Backhouse of Liverpoole in England, for you
to negotiate : And be pleased to have my Account
Credited accordingly Pray pay £66.18.8 Sterling