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year 1765

the amount of my Draft on you made payable
to Messrs Tarpley Thompson & Co & charge it
to account of Gentlemen

Your humble Servant
Robert Carter.

Williamsburg 12th December 1765.

To Mr Edward Hunt & Son in London


I have passed my Bill on you lately for
£15..13..& 9 Sterling which is made payable to
Mr Amos Stretell which Bill be pleased to pay.

My former Draft on you made payable to
Messrs Tarpley, Thompson & Co: added to the
Bill just mentioned exceed L Burwell's Bill
which I have inclosed to you: 2s/ & 5d If the sentence
was to end here the observation that is just made
would be rather precise : But on a sugges
tion of Colonel Burwell's I apprehe[n]d that his 1st
Bill which is made payable to Governor Fauquier
and is addressed to Mr. J. Backhouse which
I have enclosed to you will be protested: But
the Colonel has informed me that he shall remit
Bills of Exchange by Captain Evers to Mr Backhouse
sufficient to pay all: his Drafts on that Gentleman:
And Colonel Burwell & I have mutually consented
that if Mr Backhouse shall pro^tes[t]the enclosed Bill
that then the damages imposed by Law on the said
protested Bill shall be invalid.