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Routledge threw a glass of wine at him: And Chiswell in return
attempted to throw a bowl, a candlestic, a pair of tongs at
Routledge, but some of the company interposed. Chiswell ordered
his servant to go inot another house & bring to him, his sword
and the servant gave it to him, in a shed room adjoining to the
room, where the company was sitting : Then Chiswell reentered the
room & one of the company attempted to take the sword from
him, but he did not succeed. Chiswell thus armed ordered
Routledge to go out of the company & swore if he stayed there he
Chiswell would kill him: But Routledge did not go; and Chiswell stab
bed him through the heart: across a table. It has
been said that Chiswell sober, & that Routledge was not sober.

The jury of inquiry before the coroner, found that Robert
Routledge was killed by a sword in Chiswell's hand: and
the examining court ordered that, he, Chiswell should be carried
to the public goal, to be legally tried there: (for the county
courts have not cognizance of white people, under criminal
prosecutions) and they refused to admit Chiswell to bail, upon
a motion made by his attorney.

J, Blair, William Byrd, P, Thornton Esquires (three gentlemen
of the Council) did admit him, Chiswell to bail, (out of session
upon examining court; who excuclpated Chiswell and blamed the
deceased; Routledge: The contrariety of testimony, as to the
fact is very alarming; but I hope the whole truth will
come out at the future trial. I shall neither ap
plaud, nor cesure my brethren's Act, in the case,