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I hope that my Conduct in this Matter may be de
serving of your approbatino, for by it the money which
you will have paid on account: of my Bills of Exchange
made payable to Messrs: Tarpley, Thompson & co.
and to Mr Amos Strettell will be in a manner
immediately reimbursed; & my neighbour will
be benefited I am Sir
Yours &cc Robert Carter.

Williasburg 5th September: 1766.

To Messrs Edward Hunt & Son Merchant in London


Pray obtain an insurance on half my
Tobacco on boa[r]d the John & Presly Captain William Thompson
to receive 400£ Sterling in case of total loss,
or damage: For when I gave him an order for it
the condition was that one half should be con
signed to your House. Robert Carter.

To Messrs James Buchanan & Co

The Letter to this House was of the same
dates & [illegible] I desire that, they would obtain insurance
on my Tobacco consigned to them to receive 400£
sterling in case of total loss, or damage.

Robert Carter