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Williamsburg 28th November 1766.

Robert Carter's compliments to Mr Edward
Hun[t] & son, and he begs the favor of them to buy
the following Merchantdizes, & forward them to
him here: And to have the same insured.

1 piece of gulix holland at 4 perr ell
2 ditto irish linen at 2s/ per yard, 1 piece iris[h] linen @ 15d
per yard, 3 pieces st[r]ong ozenbrigs,
2 pieces of brown coars fustain, 1 piece of fine Saga
thee, 5 dozen guilded Coat buttons, & 10 ditto breast ditto
2 pair coloured worsted Stockings, 2 pair strong brown
thread ditto for a boy of 11 years old
1 Silver laced hatt for ditto, 2 Castor Hatts for ditto
2 pair coloured worsted Stockings for a boy of 9 years old
2 pair strong brown thread Stockings for ditto.
1 Silver laced Hat, & 2 Castor Hats for ditto.
6 pair best brass Shoe & Knee buckles for ditto.
6 pair ditto ditto Sleeve buttons for ditto.
2 pieces blute plains, 1 peice duck blankets
1 peice of welch cotton, 1 dozen plaid Stockings
1½ dozen strong coarse blue yarn Stockings sorted.
3 Castor Hats for Men Servants
1 dozen felt Hats for ditto. 4lb ozenbrig thread.
1 lb blue thread, 100 lbs hard irish Soap.
4 lb best hyson Tea, 4 lb best congo Tea, 4 best Chocolate
with vanilloes 4 lbs ditto without vanilloes
100 weight double refined Sugar, 100 weight single ditto
1 dozen nutmegs, 4lb hart horn's Shavings
one quarter of one hundred Currans,
1 peck of almonds in the Shell, 1 gallon of Sallad Oil
2 mall glass cruits for the Sideboard for Soye & L, Pickle
2 dozen desert Knives & Forks, with white ivory handles.
1 deep baking Dish 10 inches & ½ diameter, to be
made of silver.