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4 pair red moroco Shoes for a girl of 2 years old
2 ounces of fine holland thread
4 ditto of 6 penny thread, 6 thousand middling Pins.
3 pieces diaper apron string tape,
1 peice of worsted for Garters
2 Mattresses 6 feet by 4½ feet, to be stuffed with
curled hair. The journals of the present Parliament
See XX in Sheets to the day when you will write to me after receipt of this Letter.

Gentlemen: The Legislature of this Province are now met
& the Burgesses have chosen Peyton Randolph Esquire for
their Speaker, who succeeds John Robinson Esquire deceased
in that office: But they have resolved that the offices of
Speaker & Treasurer shall not be united in the same
Person: And they have nominated Robert Carter Nicholas
Treasurer. The seperation of these Offices hath
created an expence on the People in this Province for
the Burgesses have resolved to pay yearly to Peyton
Randolph Esquire the sum of 500£ Sterling for his care &
trouble, to discharge the Speaker's Office The Burgesses
believe that the Salary, which they have annexed to the
Chair will induce the Speaker to vacate the Office
of King's Attorney; and if he should I hope you
will assist to have my Townsman Mr George Wythe
appointed to it. He is a member of the house
of Burgesses, a zealous advocate of government
a prevailing Speaker, and able Lawyer & an
worthy man. I am Your &cc
Robert Carter

XX all the Acts of Parliament which were intended
should be ob[l]igatory on the People of Great-britain
who have transmig[r]ated to the Islands & continent
of America: But only those Acts wherein either
of the Governments have been named. One brush & box
to lather the Face & Head.