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Williamsburg 25th November 1766.

To Messrs James Buchanan & Co in London.


I waited on Mr Benjamin Waller on the reciept of
your Letter, which was written in May last, to satisfy the
disappointment he had sustained in remitting my
bill directed to you: for 62£16..4: and after I had
communicated the Letter to him, he showed some
resentment for the reasons, which were given for non
payment of it; & said that they insinuated a fraud
which he or I must have perpetrated, if any shall
be discovered in the matter: For he observed that
the sett of bills passed only from me to him, & from
him to his correspondent Robert Cary Esquire: This
construction of the Letter made me wish that it
had never been written; for I believe that you
intended not any reflection by it: But pos
sibly you had my credit in idea then.

Pray pay my bills for 45£ & 149£1..11: The
former is made payable to Robert Burwell, Fielding
Lewis & William Allen Executors of William Lightfoot deceased
and the latter to Sr Marmaduke Beckwith: Which
is of a very stale date & put into circulation
lately by the old [k]night.

I inclosed an order on Messrs James
Cuncanon & Hooke merchants of London, in a
Letter directed to thee, for the proceeds of 10 hogsheads
of Tobacco, & I am not allowed any Credit for the
same in the several account Currants to the 20th
September 1765, which are now before me: And in
that dated the 11th September 1760 there is charged, to my
bill payable to Sr Marmaduke Beckwith