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26£s 15s; and in that dated the 30th March 1764, the same
bill is again charged. Pray review your books
& explain the suggested Errors to me.

The Legislature of this Province are now
convened, & the Burgesses have chosen the
attorney General for their Speaker in the room
of John Robinson Esquire deceased: and they have
resolved that the offices of Speaker & Treasurer shall
not be united in the same Person; & that the Speaker
shall not be concerned, as an officer of the Treasury
and it is said that it will be put into Commission
By this innovation the Speaker's chair is now less
licritave than the office of King's Attorney, therefor
I apprehend that the Speaker will not vacate the
profitable office on his late appointment, un
less the General Assembly will annex a handsome
Salary to the Chair: But if the Speaker should
resign the office of King's Attorney I hope that you
will assist, to have my Townsman Mr George Wythe
appointed to it: He is a member of the house of
Burgesses, a zealous advocated of Government,
a prevailing Speaker, an able Lawyer & a worthy
man. I am, Gentlemen Yours &cc
Robert Carter.

27th This day the house of Burgesses resolved that the Treasury
should not be put into Commission: and they nominated
Mr Robert Carter Nicholas Treasurer My bill for
45£ which is mentioned above I took in part payment.
in a matter I just now settled & have cancelled it Robert Carter

28th The Burgesses have resolved that Peyton Randolph
Esquire shall be paid yearly the sum of 500£ Sterling
for his Care & Trouble, to discharge the Speaker's office Robert Carter.