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I shall make no abstract of the inclosed in
voice & account currant, to which I beg leave to refer

The Mate of the Snow Ann informed me (on
board) the 26th day of last month that she was
not ready to receive any part of her cargo
before the 22d day of the said month: and the Captain
then acknowledged that, he did not hire a flat
before the 18th day of the same month: & thatSo tha the
could not have begun to discharge the ballast
before that time
: For three of his Sailors took
away the only boat, that belonged to the Snow
in going up the River: So that he could not have
[running vertically] have begun to discharge the ballast before that that time[end of vertical text]
I was also on board
the Snow the 27th day; and if the Crew had not been
employed in taking the ballast out of the Snow
I should have sent several flat loads of wheat
along side that day: But the Captain insists that,
the Snow was ready the 15th day of December last
to have received any part of the Cargoe; if it
had been along side

If the Governments in North America shall
accommodate (in part) the markets in Europe
with flour, wheat or Indian-corn yearly; the
first of them may be bought at 10s/ Sterling per Cent
the 2d at 3s/ Sterling per bushel & the last at 1s/8 Sterling
perr bushell : Provided that If your agents there shall
have early notice, of the quantity of each article
you may want.

The Crop of Indian-corn, which grew last
year will not be sufficiently dry to export,
before the last week in the month of March
next. We have no Kilns here to dry