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this Requisite shall not be done, the Forfeiture
may be recovered : Therefor I hope you will
not fail to cause that 2, or 3 proper Testimo
nies shall be transmitted to me. I am,
Your's &ccc. Robert Carter.

To Messrs Scott, Pringle, Cheap & Co Merchants
on the Island of Madeira

Williamsburg 29th April 1767.


By the scarceness of grain in Europe
I am induced to send a quantity of Indian-Corn
& some wheat to your market. For a particular ac
count of it see the Invoice which is annexed.

I dedire that the Grain may be exchanged for the
very best New-York Wines; one third of it to be
put in Pipes, one third more in hogsheads & the re
mainder in quarter Casks.

By the Charter party which I s[i]gned I have re
served only 15 daies to discharge the cargo, & to take
onboard my wines : For your friend & Partner
informed me that, that Business might be done
easily in that time : And if the Peggey should be
detained, at the Island of Madeira & on my
account) longer than 15 daies, then by agreement
I am to pay 4£ Sterling per day Demurrage, for every
day she shall be kept: Therefor I desire that you
will cause her to be dispatched speedily.

It is at Mr Murray's request that I inform
you that I shall reserve 2 Pipes of the wine for