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peruse : and digest it thoroughly

The wines, which are for my own use, to be
marked thus RWC Those contracted for
thus R,C,C, and the sale wines thus R4C

Whe you shall arrive at New-York, wait
on Mr Beverly Robinson of that City, inform
him of the quantity of Sale wines & if he will
give Bullion, or Bills of Exchange at 60 daies
sight payable in England, sell the whole
quantity to him: But if he shall refuse to buy
the whole, or any part thereof, use your best
Endeavours to sell it to the Inhabitants of the
Place, for Bullion or Bills of Exchange, I
hope that the cargo wines will be at New-York
for I had rather forgo small Profits than
bring them to Virginia.

All the wines, which shall be brought
to Virginia ^ is to be landed at the College
landing, which I will take into my Cellars
in Williamsburg.

One third of the sale wines to be put in
Pipes, one third into hogsheads & the remainder
to be put in quarter Casks

Exchange my negro woman Mary Anna
for Bullion, or Madeira wine: I prefer the
former article, tho' it should be attended
with a little loss. Note by the word Bullion
I mean Gold, or Silver Money

The Invoice, which is in the letter next