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before this comes in See Invoice

The following Lines contain some conditions
in the Charter Party, which is signed by William & John
Brown of the one Part & I, Robert Carter of the other; And they
are mentioned here, for your due observance.

Demurrage is to begin to run from 16 day after
the Peggey's arrival at New-York: But there is
not any Limitation of daies at Madeira.

The Charge of relanding my Grain, & puting
the wines on board, & relanding them at New York
& at the College-landing, is to be paid by the

When the Peggey shall arrive at New-York advise
me of it, by the first opportunity

If the Peggey should not be sold at New York
nor proceed to any other port, but shall re
turn to Virginia, then I Robert Carter hath liberty to
order 20ty Pipes of wine freight free.

Two Pounds Virginia Currency is the freight
stipulated, in the agreement to be paid for every
Pipe of wine carried from Madeira to the City of

If there should be a difference in the mea
surement of the Grain at Madeira owing to
a difference between the Madeira Measure, & that
by which the Gain was received, neither the Vessel
nor the Captain: are to be charged, for any such
defficiency; neither shall freight be paid for
more bushells of Grain than Messrs: Scott,
Pringle, Cheap & Co. shall acknowledge that