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they shall have received

If Captain Walkenshaw forgot to take the
half bushell, which he received the grain in
carry a proof one, that the precise differenc
may be know between the winchester & Madeira Measures I am, Sir.
Your humble Servant
Robert Carter.

To Mr Amos Strettell, at Philadelphia

Williamsburg 13th May 1767


I beleive that the Ship Peggey Captain Walkenshaw
will sail this day out of Hampton-road, & is going
to the Island of Madeira: She is new & will carry
about 200 Tons. By the Charter-Party, which has
been executed relative to the Peggey, the outward
bound Cargo is to be exchanged for wine of the
growth of the Island, which she is to carry to New
York immediately, & then to reurn from thence to
Virginia. That if she shall arrive at Madeira &
delive[r] the cargo without Damage, I shall be inde
bted 517£ sterling on account of Freight. But if
neither of these Things shall happen I am not
to be charged with Freight: So that my loss will
be on the Grain only I cite these conditions in
the agreement to shew, that if the Vessel should be
wrecked in her Voyage to New York from the Island
I shall lose the wines, also the article, & they make