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a larger Stake, than I intend to insure: Therefor pray
the obtain an Insurance, on the Peggey's Voyage, to New
York from Madeira, so that I may receive 1000£ Sterling
if there be a total Loss. As to your Reimbursement
for the Premium of Insurance, be pleased to draw
for it, on my correspondent Edward Hunt & Son Esquire
of London, & you may depend that due honor will be
shewed to your Bills, by the Gentlemen: I shall expect to
receive the Policy, by the first safe conveyance, after
it shall be completed. I am. your Humble Servant
Robert Carter.

To the honorable: Benjamin Tasker at Annapolis
Williamsburg 14th May 1767.

Dear Sir,

I understand that Colonel Byrd has instructed the
Clerk of York County Court to confess a Judgment on his pro
tested Bill, which is drawn payable to you; also his
Trustees at the suit brought, on their Bond: So that the
original Bond will be required speedily. Therefor
I hope that you will transmit it to me by the 1st safe
opportunity. The Mode, which this Government hath
adopted to recover Sterling Balances is singular
For the Plaintiff recovers against the Defdendant his principal Debt
which appears to be due on a protested Bill, Bond
or otherwise, & the Interest, which is charged to the date
of the Judgment; but the same sterling balance may
be descharged with current money at the rate of Ex
change at that time fixed, by the Court: So that if the
Creditor should buy a Bill of Exchange, with the
current money he will either gain, or lose, as ex
change shall happen to be, at the time he shall
purchace. Note a Judgment gains at the rate