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advise that I should take a Deputation of the
Clergyman, on the above conditions: and the[y] pro
ise to negotiate the Business for me. Pray
notify your opinion of this scheme to me & I will
act conformably.

Colonel N, Harrison, and William Fitzhugh Junior were here
last month, & the latter promises to discharge your
claim against the former, at our next ensuing court
of oyer. He Fitzhugh expects that I shall deliver
the original Specialty to him, which ascertains the
Debt, & you have got it.

My Inqusitiveness to know your Sentiment
relative to the matter, which concerns me, proceeds
from a high opinion I have of your Judgment:
Therefor I hope that you will excuse it. Pray
make my compliments agreeabke to as many
of your neighbours as you shall see, & believe
me to be, with great Respect &cc
Robert Carter

To Mr Beverly Robinson, Merchant at New-York

illiamsburg 18th May 1767


The Peggey Captain Walkenshaw sailed from hence
last week on a trading Voyage, she goest to the Island of
Madeira, to New-York, & is to return here from thence.
I have freighted on board her 7778 bushells of Indian
Corn, & 494 bushells of wheat, which articles are to be
exchanged for the very best New-York wines, of the gro^wth
of the Island. I have been induced to order the wines
which I shall receive in Traffic to your City, on hearing that
the late importations of that article there, were incon