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inconsiderable compared to former ones. This
circumstance makes me hope & expect that the cargo
of wine will be bought up immediately, for I had
rather make a speedy sale of it, tho' the Profit
should be small, than bring it to Virginia.

Mr Robert Miller, who goes Supercargo will
wait on you, on the Peggey's arrival at New-York
He is instructed to offer the Cargo of wine to you
but if you should refuse to buy the whole, or any
part of it, then I hope that you will advise him
to a Customer, or Customers, who will buy con
siderably. He Robert Miller will receive in ex
change for wine, either cash, or Bills of Exchange
payable at 60ty daies sight in England,
provided that you (Mr Robinson) will endorse the said
Bills: and i will pay 2 per Cent for the risk of the

If Mr Robert Miller should be compeled to
borrow money to pay the Duty on the wines & other
petty charges, & shall be able to obtain it on
his Bills only, I have desired Edward Hunt
& Son Esquire of London to pay the same: But if
an Indorser to his Bills should be required
pray act accordingly.

From your general character, & a personal
acquaintance encourage me to address this Letter
to you; and however it may be taken, I have
not written to a 2d Gentleman, in case you shall
refuse to act. Pray deliver the inclosed Letter
to whom it is directed too; and you will oblige