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oblige, Sir. Your's &c
Robert Carter

To Mr Robert Miller, Supercargo, on board the
Peggey Captainn John Walkenshaw

Williamsburg 18th May 1767


Your Letters, which are dated the 7th & 9th of this
Instant are before me, the former covered two Bills
of Lading signed John Walkenshaw.

Thou informest me that if the Peggey should return
to this Government, with any quantity of wine, that it
will be delivered conformable to the charter Party
In my written memorandum, which is directed to you
(& was delivered by Mr Murray) I say that "All the
"wine, which shall be brought to Virgniia, is to be land
at the College-landing, which I will take into my
"Cellars." Do these words direct that a application
should be made for leave to bring the Peggey to, or
nigh the College-landing? I intend by them that you shold
hire craft to bring the wine to the College-landing
after she shall arrive in this colony.

By Mr Ransdell's Letters the Peggey was not ready
to take on board any part of the cargo before the 2d day
of April, & she received the last of my Grain the 22d day
of the same month. By these Letters 21 of the loading
daies are expended, and if it should be so, the you
may keep the Peggey 24 daies at New-York: For the
Stipulation is 45 daies to load & unload, at the Ports
of Nomony & New-York: But Captain Walkenshaw
who was on board the Peggey when she lay in