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Nomony-bay can inform you of the Fact set forth
in Mr Ransdell's Letters.

If you should be compeled to borrow money, to
pay the Duty on the wines, or other pettey Charges,
draw on Edward Hunt & son Esquire of London
for the same: and mention in the Bills that they are
to be charged to Robert Carter: But forbear to
draw, if some other method can be substituted.

You may see in my former Letter that my stock on
board the Peggey and an article of Freight, are esti
mated to 1809 £ Virginia, or 1447 £ 4 Sterling. The ar
ticle, which you shall receive at Madeira, in Exchange
of the original capital, will create a charge of Freight
from thence to New-York: but if the Value of the first
Stock, and all subsequent Demands that shall be
made relative thereto be kept in contemplation
you may barter Securely. By this Scheme I
neither expect great gain, nor great Loss: and
if the Wines cannot be sold at New-York for cash,
or Bills of Exchange without great loss, then
exchange 5 sevenths of the wines for the following Articles
1200 yards of Cotton}             9 dozen broad Hoes
1500 yards of ozenbrigs         2 barrels of 20 d Nails
2 barrels of 10d Nails
a quantity of New-York Single refined Sugar, &
what other articles you think will be saleable here.

I shall inclose this Letter to Mr Beverly Robinson
of New-York, and, & hath annexed my Letter to him
here, which I intend to be part of these Instructions.

If the Peggey should come immediately to this Government
from New-York, she is to bring 20 Pipes of wine