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freight free, if you shall require it: and whatever
Merchandize I may have to bring from thence, you
had better pay a freight to Captain J. W., than find
them by a nother opportunity. But agree upon
a freight before the Goods are put on board. I a
Sir Yours &cc.
Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt and Son Esquires of London

Williamsburg 22 May 1st June 1767


The late advices from the Island of Madeira
relative to the scarceness of bread have induced
me to freight my last Crop of wheat and Indian-
Corn thither. It is to be exchanged for wines
of the growth of the Island, and sold at New York
If Mr Robert Miller who goes Super cargo
should be compeled to money borrow mon'y, to
pay the Duty on the wines, or other petty
C[h]arges, he is instructed to draw on yo for the
for the Same, and to mention in the Bils,
that they are to be changed to my me acount
which pray pay and debet accordingly.
I have writen to Mr Amos Strettell of Philadelphia
to obtain an insurance on the ship Pegg'y
Captain Walkenshaw from Madeira to new York;
that I may receive 1000 £ sterling if she
shou[l]d miscar[r]y on the Voaige, and to draw on
you to remiburse the Premium, which pray
pay and charge to my account.

The ship caled the Good Intent