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Captain G[e]orge Hub[b]ard arr in York River
the 10th of this Instant last month and the pa[r]cels which he
sent to me contained the several several merchandise
accept 4 pair of women shose. W[h]ich have be[e]n accidently
omitted: They are charged at £1..5..6 in Mr Gre
sham's Bill Mrs Carter desires that 3 pair of coloured,
& 1 pair of black callimanco s[h]oes be sent by an
opportuity Either to Jamses or to York Rive[r]s.
We think that the Brusels Point is skilfully chosen.
Pray send me the foll[ow]ing books Viz The latest
Folio Edition of Samuel Johnston's Dictionary of the
English Language: But if there hath been published
a work on the same Plan by a nother Person, which is
in higher Estimation, than Samuel Johnson's Dictionary, then send
that work, & do not send Johnston's.
a course of Lectures on Elocution &cc. by Thomas Sheridan
British Education by the same Person.
Blackston[e]'s Commentaries, on the Laws of England.
The critical Review, to be sent monthly as they shall
be published; and to begin this year from the date of this Letter. I am Gentlemen &cc
Robert Carter

To Mr Didsbury, Shoemaker, in Pall-mall
in London     Williamsburg 1st June 1767.


The Shoes, which Captain Neeks bought of you for me
were two sizes too small, which fault I have complained
off repeatedly; for I have not worn 1 pair of shoes you
have sent to me for the last 6 Years! Therefor I desire
that the Shoes, Pumps & Slippers, which are mentioned in
the following order, be made 2 sizes larger, than