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The Trustees shall not receive the bond: and a Judg
ment will be a better security than it. If thou will
transmit the bond & power of attorney to me a Judgment
ment shall be obtained speedily.

The Account, which you rendered the 18th day of last July,
makes the balance due from me to you to be £10..16..6 sterling
and by a note on it, I am to be charged in a sub
sequent account with £6..1s Sterling. one third part of £18..3
which sums added make £16..17....6 Sterling: and substract
it from Mrs Carter's yearly proportion namely: £160..15.9
Sterling the balance will be £143..18..3 Sterling: But by the
account which you setteled 5 daies ago the due to her ap
pears to be £149..19..3 Sterling: which Errour be pleased to

When Colonel Byrd shall have satisfaction your claim against
him I will retain as much of it as will discharge
Mrs Carter's balance, and the remainder shall be ap
plies, as you may direct.

Governor Fauquier, has Schirrhus Testicles, This
Disorder is oft mortal. He foregoes the use of Spirits
fermented Liquours, & animal food, (except small
Soop made of it) Is attended by Mr Pope, who is
an able Surgeon, and he tells us that the Symptoms
are very favorable. I am, Dear Sr. Your Affectionate son
&cc Robert Carter.