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your Instruction relative to the judgments, which shall
be entered for you.

Colonel Carter hath not been within the jurisdiction of
York, James City or the Husting Courts since you
directed that he should be sued: (except when exempt
from arrests) so that I despair of catching him in either
of those courts. A Judgment cannot be obtained in
the General Court even upon a bond in less time than
4, or 5 years: For these Reasons I shall have Colonel Carter
arrested in his own County or in one of the adjacent
counties to it.

I have been told that Mr Middleton of Annapolis is
at Norfolk, who will return home in some part
of next week, and as none of my acquaintance
northward of Rappahannock River attended here this
meeting, I shall deliver this Letter to a Gentleman of
Norfolk, who promised to give it to Mr Middleton.
I am. Dear Sir
Your affectionate Son & Humble servant
Robert Carter.

To Mr John Hough in Loudoun County
Williamsburg 13th Jund 1767


After my Creditors had repetedly applied to
me; to pay them their balances, I called upon Captain James
Lane to discharge his bonds, which are payable to me
and his inattention to my sollicitations had de
termined me to remove him from my inconsiderable
business: and soon after I offered it to you, & in con
sequence of that conference I shall inclose in this Letter
a List of my lands lying in Fairfax, Prince William
Loudoun & Frederic Counties; those setteled, & not
settled, also a roll of the names of my tenants
who live on each tract, & which specifies their yearly
Rent's   I apprehend that the roll is not correct