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& I hope that you will ammend the Errors when discovered, and
advise me accordingly.

I gave Captain James Lane 10 per Cent on all the Cash &
Tobacco rents, which he had collected at our yearly
settlement, & I do hereby oblige my self, my heirs &
assigns to pay the same commission to you. I hope &
expect that you will inform the tenants that I have empow
wered you to collect my Rents, that I shall except against
any payment, that they may make to Captain James Lane, for
rent, which shall be due for the year 1767: So that Captain
James Lane is to collect the rents for the year 1766, & thou
art to collect the rents, which shall be due for the year

I will copy the most matterial conditions of the Leases
I have granted, and will transmit them to you; so that when
thou shalt be collecting, thous mayest enquire whether
they have been observed & kept. The tenants to whom
I have not acknowledged Leases too are only tenants at will.

If thou shouldest have written to me relative to
Lord Fairfax's claim, on account of surplus land
contained within my courses of a tract of Land
lying on broad & sugar Runs, it is yet on it's passage
Pray acknowledge the Receipt of this Letter, & then observe
on the Barons demand mentioned above.

I presume that the inclosed order, which is addressed to
the tenants who live on my lands, doth deligate a
Power to you to collect the Rents, which Captain James Lane would
have done, if the order should not appear; therefor
it is to be communicated to the tenants speedily

I am Sir your Humble Servant Robert Carter

To The Tenants, who reside on the land of
Robert Carter of Williamsburg   the 13 June 1767