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be sorted, & 1205 lbs to be packed into each hogshead: The
hogsheads to be made with seasoned stuf.

For your Care & troubling in doing my business,
thou mayest retain 10 per Cent on the neat Profits, which
shall arise yearly on account of my Plantations on
Bull & cub runs.

If you shall accept off this proposal, that acceptance
supersedes Captain James Lane immediately: So that he
will account with me for the meat sold, & crop made in
the year 1766, & you for the Profits arising for this year,
or 1767

As I shall discontinue Captain James Lane in my em
ploy, I hope that you will accept off my proposal, even
if you should decline it this ensuing Autumn.

Pray ask Mr Mathist (the overseer) at what Warehouse
my last crop of tobacco was carried too, then seal &
direct the inclosed letter to the Inspectors, at the Inspection;
and if there be not an immediate conveyance to one
of them, send the letter by an Express.

Forward the inclosed letter directed to Mr Robert Mathist
my late overseer, he will inclose an answer to it, to you.
There is a weekly Rider, who sets out from Fredericksburg
to bring the northward Mail to this Place: So that any
Letters, which shall be directed for me, & forwarded to
either of the merchants residing in Falmouth, or
Fredericksburg, will be readily conveyed from thence

When the Inspectors shall have informed you of the whole
quantity of my tobacco lying at their Inspection,
sell it for the best cash Price, & take the purchacers's
bonds made payable to me, to be paid at Williamsburg the 25
day of October next ensuing: If you cannot sell the whole
quantity of tobacco do not sell my crop & keep the tobacco
which was paid by my tenants, for I had rather ship the
former then the latter: Do not take less then 16/8