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per Cent for tobacco: paid by the tenants, besides the common
allowance for Cask. And if the purchacers will
give 16s/8 per C consign all my tobacco to Edward Hunt &
Son Esquires of London: But if no Captain will take
it on liberty, consign it to Mr Russell of London
But if Mr Russell should not have a ship
in Potomac River, consign it to Mr. Backhouse of
Liverpoole. I am your Humble Servant Robert Carter

To Mr Mathis, my overseer at Bull-run

Williamsburg 15 June 1767


Your neighbour Mr Landon Carter junior hath
now the same power & authority at my quarters
lying on bull & cub-runs, as Captain James Lane
had: Therefor I hope & expect that you will perform
& do on my Plantations, whatever he shall
direct I am, Your Humble Servant Robert Carter

To Mr Robert Mathist my former overseer
at Bull Run Quarter.

Williamsburg 15 June 1767


Pray inform me what number of hogsheads of tobacco, the
neat weight, the number that were stemmed, barrels
of Indian corn & bushells of wheat, that were made
at my Quarters on bull & Cub runs in the year 1766
what number of Beves, & Hogs Captain James Lane
sold that fall, the prizeses & to whom

I hope & expect that you will write and answer to
this Letter immediately on receipt of it; and inclose
it to Mr Landon Carter Junior of Prince William County,
who lives near to my Quarters on Bull & cub
runs, I am Your Humble Servant Robert Carter.