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To the Inspectors at     Warehouse

Williamsburg 15th June 1767


Pray inform me by the bearer, of the whole quantity
of tobacco at your Inspection (I mean only what belongs to me)
& distinquist between the tobacco which was made at my
Quarters in Prince William & Loudoun Counties, & the tobacco
my tenants may have paid.

Do not deliver any part of my tobacco but on the
order of Mr Landon Carter Junior of Prince William County
or my own. I am Gentlemen
Your Humble Servant Robert Carter.

To Mr Edward Ransdell near Westmoreland Courthouse

Williamsburg 24th June 1767


Your letter of the 2d day of last month I ans
wered the day af[t]er it came to hand: And put my
letter in the Post-office to be forwarded by the first
opportunity. But Mr J, Davenport informs me that
it was not come to hand, when he sat out to come
down here: And in case it has miscarried I will
endeavour o repete what I said relative to the last
crop of tobacco: For I did not subscribe that letter.

I belive that I observed in the letter, that if thou wast
to make use of part of the crop of tobacco before the
yearly settlement had been made, I could not with
hold the suboverseers's proportion justly, if they should
ask for it. And I found by experience that, that, me
thod protracted the yearly settlements, & therefor re
commended that all the tobacco, wheat & corn should be
charged to me, & I would satisfy the claimants
respectively: which was agreed too: Also I desired
that Inspectors Receipts for the remainder of the crop
might be sent here, before the 8th day of this month