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that I might either sell the whole quantity of tobacco,
or ship my proportion, and redliver the reain
der to you; but as the matter hath been conducted
I could neither offer the Tobacco during the April, or
June courts: So that I am compelled to consign it;
and fear that I shall lose thereby.

As the year is far advanced I do not care what
becomes of the balance of the crop of Tobacco: so that
you may apply it to your own use.

It is fit that you execute my Instructions, & to
write to me a state of my affairs frequently
for an inattention to either will certainly dis
tress me. I have long required that the crops of
Tobacco shall be inspected on or before the 28th of
February, & that Inspectors receipts shall be trans
mitted to me here, on or before the 10th day of April
next after the tobacco shall be made: and so again
insist upon the same thing.

Send the mares to Dottrell this season, which have
not got young colts this spring. I am your &cc Robert Carter.

To Messrs: James Buchanan & Co Merchants
Williamsburg 2d July 1767.


Your letter of the 20th day of february last, is
now before me. I was pleased to hear that you: had
paid 35£ 8 for Governor Fauquier's use, & had ac
cepted one other of my bills in his favor for 48£

In a former letter I advised you that I had
drawn two setts of bills, which were made pay
able to Sr Marmaduke Beckwith, & to the Execu
tors of the late William Lightfoot amounting in the whole
to 194£ 1..11 Sterling, but neither one, or the other of
these bills will be demanded: the former was ad