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year, & to account with me this ensuing Autumn, for
sundry Things, which have been sold since our last
settlement: and all credits, which have not been
rec[k]oned at former settlements. to which intent
I do purpose to be at your house on the 16th day of
next month. I am, Your &c. Sir
Robert Carter.

To the honorable Benjamin Tasker. Williamsburg 3d August 1767.

Dear Sr.

Your letter is now before me, which is dated this day
7 nights. I saw Colonel Byrd this morning, & informed
him of the Judgments of York-Court, in your favor against
him-self & Peyton Randolph & John Page Esquire:
They amount too £4'253..10..8 sterling, which Include
all damages, Interest & costs to the 2d of last June

The judgment against Colonel Byrd amounts to £   263   0 0
To Costs on ditto         2   4 7
The judgment against Peyton Randolph, & John is for 3'559
To costs on ditto         2   4 7
To 6 per Cent interest on 3'559£ for the 2d June
1765 to the 2d June 1767 - 2 years
    427   1 6
£4'253 10 8

If the article 3'559£ be substracted from
the aggregate of the articles, the remainder will be
£694..10..8, which sum Colonel Byrd will draw for in
one or more bills, & undertakes that the surviving
trustees, & the Executors, or administrators of the
deceased, shall indorse the same: so that if the bills
shall be paid the balance on the judgments will
be £3'559 sterling which carries an interest of 6 per
on the hundred, till paid.