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of the deceased, that they obtained as soon as posible
My Advisers singled Peyton Randolph & John Page
from the other trustees, as the readiest way to recover
your demand against them. And if you desire to put
and end to the matter instruct me to demand the
whole balance on your judgment, namely 3'559 £
sterling. and the interest due from the 2d day of last June
I beleive it may be negotiated on the same terms
as the payment, which Colonel Byrd is about to make,
to satisfy the interest, which is due on account of this
bond, & Colonel Byrd's Debt. But if thou shouldest
incline to indulge the gentlemen longer & shall
direct that judgments be obtained against each of the
surviving trustees, & the Executors or Administrators of the deceased
that Instruction shall be punctually prosecuted

Your bond against the trustees is in the care of
Mr. Thomas Everard, clerk of York County Court, he is
a careful Person: But if it should be mislaid,
the Judgment, on record may be levied immediately.

When the judgments were obtained York Court
settled the difference of exchange to be 25 per Cent
between Sterling & Virginia money: So that the
Debtors may satisfy them in current money at that
rate of Exchange. I am, Dear Sr your &cc
Robert Carter.

To Mr Landon Carter junior of Prince William County
11th August 1767


Your letter of information touching the growing
Crop came to my hands this day. As soon as I
had found that Captain James Lane intended to resign my
business, it came into my my mind that you might
superintend my Quarters in Prince William & Loundoun
Counties without neglecting your own: And at the same
time benefit your, and my family. These pros
pects moved me to perswade you to undertake my