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business partly; for I feared that if your attention had
been required towards my tenants, that the commission
would have only have had reibursed the loss, which
would have had ensued at your Quarters; Therefor
I put that part into the hands of Mr John Hough.

I wrote fully the 2d day of this month to you, to con
tradict Messrs Bennett & Attweell's information,
namely that I had given an unlimited order, to de
liver all my tobacco to Captain G. Dobbie, or to his
order. And therein I tell them to deliver the whole
of it to you, & desire that you will dispose of it
as directed in my letter dated the 15th day of last
June. And as I do not doubt, that my letter to you
has gotten to hand, I shall forbear to mention here
the subject of a letter, which is subjoined to it, & is
directed to Captain James Lane. I am Dear Sr. yours & Robert Carter

P,S I say in my letter of the 2d of this month, that
I shall be at Captain Lane's the 16th day of next month
and I shall be there then; if my horses shall recover.
The symptoms that accompany the Disease among
horses are loss of appatite, discharge of matter
through the nostrils, or an Impostume bet[w]een the
cheek-bones. For the cure, we first bleed, give
daily an ounce of salt-petre dissolved in warm
water, & apply a Poltice to the swelling.

22d August my horses will not be fit, to travel
sooner than the succeeding General-Court: So that
I shall not be at your house, before the 12th day
of next November. Pray tell Captain Lane, that I hope
to see him here, in some part of the following General
Court (as I cannot wait on him) in order to
make a final settlement. Robert Carter.