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Year 1767

Dr. the honorable Colonel William Byrd, & Messrs Peyton Randolph
& John Page to the honorable Benjamin Tasker

20th July 1767
To a Judgment on Colonel Byrd's protested bill
£   263   0 0
To 5 per Cent interest on ditto from 20 July 1767,
to the 2d November followingly
        3 14
To Cost on the above suit         2   4 7
To a Judgment on a bond passed by Colonel Byrd's
Trustees: Viz Peyton Randolph & John Page
To Costs on ditto         2   4 7
To 6 per Cent interest on £3559 from the 2d June
1765, to the 2d June 1767 two years
    427   1 6
£4257   4 8
By William Byrd's bill on L, M'Lean     554   6 3
By balance due to Benjamin Tasker 2d June 1767   3559
£4257   4 8

your favors of the 5th & 13th of last month are
before me, the Costs of the suits are included in the
inclosed sett of bills: and I shall debet you in
a future account

You will not obtain Judgments against B. Grymes
& N, Harrision, in less than 18 months

Charles Carter must be suied in the County where
he resides, for he does not appear here

The inclosed sett of Exchange is indorsed by
Presly Thornton, Peyton Randolph, John Page & Sholes[?]
Turnbull, who are the only surviving trustees
except Chaarles Carter, who went from hence last
week & if I were to insist on his endorsement
I could not transmit it by the bearer A, Steward
The representatives of the deceased Trustees refuse