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Letters dated the 18th of last may, & 31st July. I am
also my Draft of the 7th this Instant on you for
£219..16..4 Sterling at 60ty daies sight & made pay
able to Messrs: William & John Brown, which be pleased
to pay, & debet my account accordingly. This
sett of Exchange, also 3 next preceding it
amounting too £231 were to pay in part only
a Debt created by my late Adenture to the Island
of Madeira. And if part of the Cargo of Wine
be not exported to your market, or some
other, otherwise I fear it will bee in my Cellars many
years: For the Sellers of Madeira Wine say, they
have great quantities on hand, that the Consump
tion is not so much here as formerly hence
then I ask whether I may consign to you fifty pipes
of Madeira Wine. The Prizeses I sell at here are
as follows Viz £32.. Sterling per Pipe
16..15 ditto per hogshead
8..12..6.. ditto per Quarter Cask
If you shall advise me to send that quantity of Wine
or any part of it, I beg leave to remark that whatever
Expence that may arrise on transporting the Wine
from hence, must be added to the Rates above

I have put a dozen bottles of the Cargo wine into
2 boxes, 3 bottles in each box were drawn out
of a Pipe, which was refined with milk, & are
labelled to distinguish them, the other 6 were
drawn out of a Pipe, which hath not been refined

My Madeira Correspondent terms the wine
the very best New-York quality. I shall desire
Mr Earnshaw & Mr Pride to forward these
boxes & the Captains ^ to whom they will be delivered too, will be desired to deliver
them to you   I am, Your's &cc
Robert Carter