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To Edward Hunt & Son Esquire of London
September. 29th 1767


Governor Fauquier declines to be a Arbiter, in
Messrs Jackson & Rutherfurd's Complaint on account
of his Indisposition, & Situation. In this Condition
it is required of me to nominate a Gentleman in
London, who shall act in place of the Governour, & to
that purpose I shall address this Packet to you, on belief
of your honour & abilities: The office I call you too is
not desirable, but I hope the occasion will apoligize
for the unreasonableness of it. and whatever shall
be your opinion relative to the dispute, I shall cheer
fully acquiesce therein.

At the Persuasion of the Chaplain to the English
Factory at Leghorn Messrs: J, & R there were induced
to charter the Snow Anne Captain Ayres to send her
here to be loaded partly with flour, wheat, or Indian Corn
& consigned her to Governor Fauquier. The Captain arrived
in Town the 4th day of last December & the Governor was pleased
to impart the Scheme to me, and the resolution was
that I should either accept, or reject the Factorship in
a few minuetes.

There were then in Town several wheat, & flour Sellers
and Mr Richard Randolph contracted to supply the
former & Benjamin Harrison the latter. His honour
approved of the Contractors, & delivered to me a Copy
of the Charter-party, & Messrs: J, & R's Instruction.

The following observations will more forcibly
appear either pertinent, or otherwise after reading
the inclosed authentic Papers.

This Claim doth occasion several questions

1st whether I have, or have not attended to this

2ly whether the Ann's Cargo was not damaged
after put on board?