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3dly It is expected that ⅓ or ½ of the wheat put on bord
the Anne should have been kiln dried?

4ly Is the Anne's Cargo sold? What did the wheat
sell for? What did the flour sell for?

5thly If it shall be thought I have deviated
from the strict letter of the Instruction, then whether
this deviation was not intentionally to serve
Messrs Jackson, & Rutherfurd?

6thly doth not the letter contradict the Spirit
of the Instruction?

Messrs Jackson, & Rutherfurd, say that the charge of flour in that
Invoice sent to them, & the information relative
thereto in my letter dated the 6th day of December do
not correspond. On reviewing my invoice &
letter books I find that the flour is charged at 16s/8
Virginia Currency per Cent & I advise Messrs: Jackson, & Rutherfurd
that I had paid only 1s/4d Sterling per C for the flour;
and if a 4th be added to 13s/4 it makes 16s/8. It
is noted at the foot of the Invoice that 25 per cent
is the difference betwixt british & Virginia Currency

On this recent examination I will boldly say
that the Invoice does not contradict the letter

To give a colour for the accusation of Duplicity
it may be said the Character or word (for I can't
recollect how it stands in the original letter)
signifies 112 & not 100. In copying the original
I used the letter & thus, to represent centrum, which
the latins used to convey the same Idea, as does our
word hundred Viz: the number consisting of
10 multiplied by 10. But if my own assertion
cannot avail me in this Dispute, I have
inclosed Certificates to prove that the terms Certum
& hundred implies 100 precisely in this Colony;
also that the inspected articles of commerce, Namely
Flour, bread, beef, pork, tar, turpentine, tobacco
are weighed by the short, & not long hundred.