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I do say in my letters to Messrs: Jackson & Rutherfurd that the crop
of wheat of the growth of the year 1766 in this Province
had sprouted in the Ears before cut, & the wheat on board
the Anne was very sandy: They do reverberate those
blemishes, & add that it is exceeding dark, bad colour
& unmerchantable. If the wheat was exceeding
dark of a bad colour & unmerchantable, then I beg
leave to say the unpleasant qualities were gene
rated in the Snow: That the wheat was not origi
nally so. But should I agree with the Gentlemen that
the wheat was originally, bad & damaged; even in that
Case Captain Ayres & not I is blameable. For the Governor
& I informed the Captain all the wheat here had sprouted
& therefor improper for so long a voyage, Not
withstanding he desired a load of it: and a con
dition of my acceptance was if I should buy a load
of wheat fro the Snow Anne Aptn Ayres should have
a negative on it: and if the Captain had not consent
ed thereto I should have declined the agentship.
And Captain<e/m> Ayres did receive 5'194½ bushells of
sprouted wheat, & a quantity of sand inter
mixed with it.

Mr Richard Randolph contracted to supply all
the wheat I should want on account of the Snow Anne
He is a Gentleman of this Province who was impower
ed by his Relations & Neighours to sell their crops
of wheat. There are affidavits inclosed to establish
the facts alleged in the last section.

By Captain Ayres Computation 250 barrels of
flour were wanted to put betwixt Decks, which Mr
Benjamin Harrison engaged to furnish: But at the earnest
sollicitation of the Captain I sent an Express from
Warwic to Mr Harrison's House, with an order
to add 37 barrels of flour to my former order, but
he would only engage to furnish 25 barrels of the last
order, & I bought of Mr A, Cary 12 barrels which made
287 in the whole: Buth the Captain would receive only
200 barrels: So that 87 barrels of flour remained my