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4 Comb brushes
1 pair of Silver buckles for Mrs Carter
200 weight of grount white lead
200 weight of white lead not ground
10 lb red lead
5 Gallons of Spirit of turpentine
6 best pound brushes
4 sash brushes
Doctor Louther's short Introduction to Grammr
Mr Hoadley's Accidents

Note the books, which I desired might be sent
in a letter dated the first of day of last June
have not come to my hands, if they should have
been forgotten I beg they may be sent with
these Goods

Williamsburg 9th March 1768

Dear Sr,

The body of the honorable Francis Fauquier Esquire late
Governor of this Colony was interred yesterday: The latter
part of his existance was imbittered with numerous
& painful Infirmities, yet no Sigh, or Complaint
issued from his lips. During his Administration every
royal order, which his Sovereign caused to be transmit
ted here was spiritously & diligently enforced,
he was vigilant in government, moderate in
power & merciful where the rigour of justice
could be dispensed with.

John Blair Esquire now commands in Chief, he
is disposed to govern on principles, which his late
Predecessor adopted; but as the office is pretty lu
crative I imagin that the present Possessor will
enjoy it for a few months only, & that one of your acquain
tance will be appointed to the Vacancy. If that
should be the Case, be pleased to notify that circumstance
that I may serve him as I would yourself: for my
happiness depends upon the Peace, Contentment