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& Prosperity of yourself, & family Connexion.

I should be glad to know who were the
Candidates for this office, the stipulated terms
betwixt Sr Jeffery Amherst, (who has his Majesty's
Commission for this Government) & the successful
Gentleman his Character, family & Party.

I should be sorry if any person had a higher
sense of passed services then myself, I have not
forgotten one moment, & hope never shall, the
personal favors thou hast honoured me with

Your Niece has 7 Children, she jo[i]ns me in
my sincerest respects to Mr & Mr[s] Bladen, &
affectionion to their Son & Daughters, I am
Dear Sr
Your most faithful, obedient Servant
Robert Carter

To Thomas Bladen Esquire in Albermarl Street

Richmond County
Sabine Hall 22d December 1767.

Robert Carter of Williamsburg hath directed Mr
Edward Ransdell of Westmoreland County to contract with
Mr   Gordon Mill-wright, Workmen, & la
bourers to build a geared grist water mill, & baking
house, at the place where the old double mill stood
The said Carter intending to manufacture a quantity