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of wheat, as the toll, which has arissen from the present
mill hath not reimbursed the stoick expended to
build said mill, & pay the miller. It is said if
merchant mill be properly managed, they are pro
fitable estates, but if not, then distructive ones.
It behoves the said Carter then, to engage a skilful, di
ligent & faithful man to negotiate said business,
and believing that Mr John Beale of Richmond County
is possessed of these essentials, he, the said Carter proposes
to him a partnership on the following terms -

1st That Mr Ransdell shall report to said
Beale & said Carter the Cost of the mill, Houses & all
works that shall be done in consequence of this scheme,
which shall be debeted to said Carter: and the said Beale
shall pay to said Carter 10 per Cent yearly on one half
of said Charge during their joint Interest

2dly Robert Carter agrees that said Beale may purchce
4'000 bushells of wheat yearly & draw orders on him
for it: But if the quantity of wheat, or any part
thereof shall be made at said Carter's plantations, it
shall be first bought on account of the partnership,
which is to be charged at marke[t] price.

3dly That the whole expence that shall accrue
in carrying on this Scheme be charged to the joint
concern: But that the said Beale may live in the dwel
ling house at Nomony, have the use of the race-horse
stable, meat-house & Da[i]ry rent free.

4thly That whatever labourers shall be thought