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passage, as your letter was to me, which is dated this day
month I fear the fault of dilatoryness will be
imputed to me, so beg leave to mention, that this answer
was begun immediately, on the Receipt of yours

The proposal I made to you at Sabine Hall relative
to manufacturing a quantity of wheat, have put
on paper (See proposall above) to prevent any
misunderstanding between us, & if thou choosest
to accept of the offer, be pleased to subscribe the
inclosed proposal, & return it to me. My intention
is that thou shall participate with me in the design,
& that the Profit, or loss shall be equal.

If either Mr Ransdell, or Mr Gordon
have written to me in consequence of their agre
ement, which is to bind me, that Information I fear
is lost, for have not had any intelligence con
cerning it, but in your letter. I am,
Sir Your humble servant
Robert Carter

To Mr
John Beale junior

Williamsburg 29th february 1768


After thou hast read the inclosed letter,
& proposal send them to Mr Beale.

Pray inclose a copy of the agreement, which you
entered into with Mr Gordon Mill-wright, & if
it be not explicit, explain the bargain in your letter