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The remains of our late lieutenant Governor Francis Fauquier
Esquire were interred yesterday, his burial was
not pompous for his last testament directs that
that ceremony should be performed at as little
expence as decency can possibly permit. He
believing that the present mode of funeral ob
sequies was contrary to the spirit of Christ's
religion. He acted in the publick honourable
office, which his superiours conferred on him
with grace, & dignity: He was vigilant in
Government, moderate in power, & merciful
where the rigour of justice could be dispensed

At the death of my dear friend Mr
Fauquier the reigns of government devoulved
to John Blair Esquire President of his Majesty's
Council here; whose disposition is very com
mendable, and I believe will endeavour to
govern of the principles of his late predecessor

I have the honour to be nominated an
Executor in the Will touching the real & personal
Estate in this Colony, & in executing that trust I
shall necessarily know the testators written
contracts, & the sundry balances as stated in
his books of account, so that if thou shouldest give
any instructions regarind pecuniary matters
here I beg leave to offer my service to negotiate