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May 10:     Sir

Yoour letter of information relative to a dis
solution of the partnership styled Messrs James
Buchanan & Co., which took place the 26th day of
last month, is now before me, also two others
dated the preceding month, January & February
If Mr Buchanan's disposition be averse to
trade, or his fortune immense, then I commend
him for withdrawing, but not otherwise: for
my fondness of tobacco consignments makes
me desirous to initiate my second son
in that business, & will deposite then 1200 £ sterling
for his proportion of the stock. I mention
here my intention that you may either take
my son into your House, as a joint partner
therein, or refuse him.

By the account Current now before me
dated the 1st day of the present year it appears
that Interest is charged on the sums which
have been paid to the last day of the old
year only. And by the said account the ballance due
to the late Co is £929..14..11 sterling which will be
augmented to £1089..14..11 when my bill
of 160£ sterling (payable to Francis Fauquier)
shall be paid. When in Cash on account of
my order on Messrs James Cuncannon &
& Hook, transmitted & made payable