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But that was not the Case, for that Fact is as
follows; As soon as I had read &
considered all the Papers relating to
the Snow Anne, waited on the late Governor
to redeliver them, if he would not agree
to be jointly concerned in that Agency,
but refused to receive the Papers re
marking that we had not seen seen
Captain Ayres, that as soon as he shall
arrive at the Palace, I should be informed
thereof: And soon after I meet the Governor
& the Captain there: The Conversation at
that time is mentioned in said Governors Dep
sition therefor shall not relate it
here: except that I told the Captain I did
not accept of the agency then, that I
would give a peremptory Answer
the next Day: Then the Captain withdrew
and the Governor & I agreed that if a load
of wheat & flour could be engaged,
so as to dispatch the Snow Anne
speedily, I was then to act, but not
otherwise   And in consequence thereof
applied to Mr Benjamin Harrison, & Mr
Richard Randolph (men of considerable
property living on James River, who
were then in Town) the latter engaged
to furnish me with 10'000 bushell