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of wheat, or any part thereof, the former
Gentlemen contracted to deliver 250 barrels of
flour; it was stipulated that said articles
should be merchantable, & that Captain
Ayres should have a negative on the
same   See said Deposition which is men
tioned above for the Discourse & Reso
lution at ur 2d meeting at the Palace.

The Depositions of Harrison, Cary
& Randolph prove that Ayres acknowledged
he was authorized to refuse either
wheat or flour, that I had relied
on him to determin when said articles
were merchantable, that he put part
of the load of wheat in the hold when it's
cieling was very damp; & when half of
the ballast was in the hold; that the Captain
was asked whether the dampness
would not damage the Grain; that
the Snow was not dunnaged to keep
the water in the hold from the wheat; that
Ayres refused to take on board 87
barrels of flour which were bought
at his sollicitation. If these several
Charges will not avail me, they
stamp unpleasing Epithets on the
Captain who was affectionately re
commended by Messrs: Jackson & Rutherfurd

I am Yours &cc Robert Carter