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the other half to Messrs James Buchan
& Company, his owner

I conjecture that my last order for
Goods miscarried; my Family wants
a few Goods but in a less degree than
my Wife apprehended when I was pre
paring said order

My Ignorance concerning the state
of my Account makes me hesitate even,
in desiring you to purchace 2 Tickets
in the state Lottery for the present year;
If two Tickets shall be bought in con
sequence of this request & shall prove
beneficial, apply the Profits to my
Credit in whatever manner you shall
judge most advantagious: And sig
nify to me the number of said Tickets
and transmit a Li[s]t of the numbers
entituled to benefits, which shall be
published by order of the managers &
Directors of said Lottery.

Your Information relative to the
Value of Madeira Wine at your market
prevents my consigning a quantity
to you: And believe I shall dispose of
the greater quantity of it on Credit
here. I am Yours &cca
Robert Carter

To Edward Hunt & Sons