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July 31s


Soon after Captain George Dobbie's
Arrival here I delivered to him Receipts
for 38 hogsheads of Tobacco marked, R,C,
weighing 50M lbs with instructions to
consign half said Tobacco to Messrs:
James Buchanan & Co (as the Russia
merchant had sailed before the
dissolution of said House) also to deliver
the other half to Mr Hunt & Sons: who
I expect will obtain an Insurance
on all my Tobacco on board said Ship

Be pleased to ship the following
Goods on board some Vessel which shall
be bound for Potomac River. If said
Wares cannot be forwarded speedily
by a Ship entending to enter at the
Naval Office on South Potomac send
them by one which shall go to the opposite
Shore. Have said Merchantdize
insured, & if should be lost re-ship
the like articles, observing the Rule
mentioned above respecting the same

I am building Works to manufacture
flour & biscuit, pray advise me what
those articles are worth at your market

1 pair of Cologn Mill stones
14 inches through, & 4 feet 4 Inchs