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one pair of burr mill-stones
4 feet Diameter

one pair of bolting Cloaths, that
is, one fine and one coarse cloath

I am, Gentleme.
yours &cca Robert Carter

To James Buchanan
& Company

July 30th


The Death of my dear friend Mr Tasker
is mentioned by Mr Daniel Dulany
in a letter dated the 19th day of last
month: and since the same was put
into my hands have written two letters
to him; (But do not know the Fate of
either) it is said therein, that I had
transacted Business for the late Mr
Tasker, that some money matters were
now pending here, that I would finish
them, & desired that said Letters should be
communicated to his Executors. As Mr
Dulany hath passed former Summers in
the Courtry, he may not be at Annapolis
now, & in that Case if said Letters be
at his house in Town, be pleased to
forward them to him. From your Alliance
& Residence I conjecture thou art one
of the Executors, & hope you will sig

[vertical text] Nota Bene Advising of the Death of the honorable
Benjamin Tasker Senior