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thought it inconvenient to me, there
for declined that matter. Mrs: Carter
& I are of opinion that the Estate men
tioned above should not be sold
hastily, unless the Testator hath
ordered the contrary: But as to
Bell-air House, the appurtenances,
Slaves, Stocks, & Tools there, we
think should be conveyed to Benjamin
Ogle Esquire, or his Guardian next
December: if Mrs: Tasker will not
purchace said Seat. We beg leave
to postpone any Idea respecting
the Value of it, till we see an
Inventory of said Estate, specifying
the age of each Slave, & quantity of
Acres, (which List we desire that thou
wilt have taken & forwart it to
us) & your Valuation thereof

It is doubtful by your letter before
me whether the Estates mentioned
above be included, or not, in creating
the sum you express in said Letter,
namely 70'000 £ Sterling. The
Legacies enumerated therein amount
to 50'000 £ only, so thou art silent
as to the Remainder £20'000 sterling
which matters be pleased to observe
on in your next Letter to me.